Frequently asked questions—General information

What is a census test?

Statistics Canada conducts a census test to evaluate new and modified questions in the questionnaire and collection procedures and tools in preparation for the 2026 Census of Population and the 2026 Census of Agriculture. Testing ensures that high-quality data are available in 2026 to support a wide variety of programs. From questionnaire design to data collection, we are conducting most of the activities that will be done for the 2026 Census.

The 2024 Census Test will be conducted in May 2024.

When will the results of the 2024 Census Test be available?

Census test data are not collected for publication; they are collected to prepare for the 2026 Census. As such, they are not released in any form, including as historical records 92 years after the census test.

How many households/farms are selected?

Census of Population

A sample of approximately 198,000 dwellings has been selected to participate in this census test.

Census of Agriculture

A sample of approximately 10,000 farms from across Canada have been selected to participate in this census test.

Who should complete the census test questionnaire?

Census of Population

The questionnaire can be completed by any knowledgeable person, aged 15 or older, who lives at the selected address.

Census of Agriculture

Any selected person responsible for operating a farm or an agricultural operation should complete a 2024 Census Test questionnaire.

What kinds of questions are asked on the 2024 Census Test questionnaire?

Census of Population

The census test questionnaires have questions on demographics such as age, sex at birth and gender, household composition, languages, military experience, and language of instruction. There are additional questions on topics including, but not limited to, activities of daily living, immigration, ethnic or cultural origins, racialized groups, Indigenous peoples, mobility, education, labour, commuting, expenditures, and housing. Please note that multiple versions of the 2024 Census Test questionnaire are being tested, and not all dwellings will be asked all questions.

Census of Agriculture

The 2024 Census Test will help finalize content for the 2026 Census of Agriculture by collecting a wide range of data from different sizes and types of farms. The census test will collect data on topics such as farm area, land management practices, livestock inventories and crop area, farm capital, farm vehicles, and machinery and equipment.

What are administrative data, and how do they relate to the 2024 Census Test?

Statistics Canada makes use of existing sources of information such as immigration, income tax and benefits data to ensure the least amount of burden is placed on households.