Fighting misinformation

Statistics Canada is dedicated to protecting you from disinformation and misinformation about the 2024 Census Test.

Have you seen or heard something about the 2024 Census Test that doesn't sound quite right, or that raises concerns? Let us know right away by contacting the 2024 Census Test misinformation watch mailbox.

Get the facts straight

Can hackers or other unauthorized people access my census test information?

Statistics Canada takes every precaution to protect your information, including sophisticated security procedures, techniques, software and hardware:

  • Encryption technologies enhance the privacy of the information passing between your browser and Statistics Canada's servers so that access to data cannot be compromised.
  • The information collected as part of the 2024 Census Test is only used to prepare for the 2026 Census. Data, results and analyses will not be released or published. Once they are analyzed, test records will be destroyed.
Is there a way to guarantee that the census website is legitimate?

Yes. A legitimate Statistics Canada website can be identified in several ways. Look for these features:

  • The site URL in the browser address bar should end with "". This suffix is used by the Government of Canada and operated by Government Telecommunications and Informatics Services.
  • The security certificate is provided by Entrust and clearly identifies Statistics Canada as the owner of the site.
Will Statistics Canada ask for my social insurance number or credit card information?

No. Statistics Canada will never ask you for:

  • your social insurance number
  • your bank or credit card account numbers
  • money or donations of any kind
  • anything on behalf of a political party.

If someone claiming to be from Statistics Canada contacts you and asks for one of the above-listed things, it is a scam. Do not cooperate and immediately contact the 2024 Census Test misinformation watch mailbox.